Real Advantages

The OneVOP™ business model provides you with the advantages of the best employees with our focus only on your industrial workforce.

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Actualized Return on Investment

See how our model will actually return real value on your investment.

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What is "market exculsivity?"

Because traditional staffing services are forced to send some employees to you and some to other customers, they are in essence competing with you for employees. Ask your staffing supplier if they can service your account exclusively. If they cannot, then you are losing valuable employees to other companies in your area.

With OneVOP™, we only service and staff your company’s industrial workforce in your geographical area. We do not seek to staff other clients in your market like traditional staffing companies. This is what we mean when we use the term “market exclusivity.”

A “beehive” staffing model may be hurting your results.

Traditional staffing business models use what we call a “beehive” service approach in which local branch sales and service representatives manage the workforce needs of numerous businesses in your area. At times, this model may produce an onsite/VOP account, whereby the staffing company places an “onsite” at the client.

Although this improves service levels to a certain extent, the staffing company is still focused on multiple customers and must send valuable employees to various company sites in your area. As a result, the beehive approach cannibalizes the available workforce. This approach does not consistently deliver the best available employees.