Top 5 Reasons Clients Choose Focus

We support what we say with results that count.

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Your Bottom Line

Discover the top 5 workforce value drivers that cut into your bottom line.

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Free Employment Market Analysis

Each client receives a complimentary "Employment Market Analysis" report from Focus.

During the discovery and feasibility stage of our consultation process, we complete an analysis to determine the probability of success of implementation of our OneVOP™ program. Usually, the "Employment Market Analysis" report unveils unforeseen areas of opportunity to improve your staffing results.

Some of the data we identify includes:

  • Recruiting radius
  • Actual populations broken down by demographics within recruiting radius
  • Unemployment rates by county, city, and/or recruiting radius
  • Available workforce populations by skill-set, pay rates, and area
  • Competing key employers within recruiting radius
  • Other large employers being served by your current staffing supplier(s)