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Check out our success stories and see what we have done for other new facilities.

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Have unique needs? Our new facility staffing model allows our entire service process to be customized to your new facility needs.

Ramping up a new facility is not for the faint of heart. That's why Focus Industrial Workforces consistently surveys the local Kansas and Missouri markets. We identify best-in-class technology, employees, and processes to ensure the highest level of productivity and consistent staffing for your new facility in the Kansas and Missouri areas.

Your new facility will achieve profitability and meet its productivity goals faster with a specialized staffing program. Want proof? Look at some of our recent case studies.

Is your new facility in an outlying area?

Unlike most “national” staffing services, Focus Industrial Workforces has an especially strong applicant pool and market presence in outlying areas of Kansas and Missouri. We know how to effectively recruit in remote areas. Focus is the one go-to staffing company when you absolutely, positively need quality employees quickly.