By transitioning your industrial workforce needs to OneVOP™ from Focus, you can immediately save money through both real cost savings and soft cost savings.


  • Increased production through fewer vacancies, faster fill times, and higher quality workforce
  • Bill rate standardization
  • Rate reductions from higher volume and concentration of spending
  • Creative win-win pricing structures
  • Reduction in overtime costs through effective staffing and higher fill-ratios
  • Economies of scale
  • Decreased injuries and associated costs
  • Lower turnover
  • Consolidated billing and invoices


  • Reduced administrative staff and time managing contingent workforce
  • Improved processes and methodology
  • Consolidation and economies of scale
  • Advanced performance from employees with exclusive client-focused approach
  • Higher quality employees
  • Greater flexibility with workload fluctuations
  • Faster fill-times
  • Increased fill-ratios
  • Improved forecasting of employment needs
  • Effective communication with managers and supervisors with time spent on company’s core business needs
  • Accurate, consolidated, and timely management reporting

Our average client trims 14% off their staffing budget.

Typically, we can trim between 10% to 25% of your total staffing budget. With our unique client-focused business model, we bring more to your staffing budget. We accomplish this through innovative rate structuring and elimination of unnecessary supply chain management with sub-vendors.

What is the cost to switch to Focus’ OneVOP™ program?

OneVOP™ takes care of all costs associated with implementing our services. There is no increased cost burden on your company for transitioning your existing staffing business, or beginning the process of using a staffing program.

Enhanced performance equals lower costs.

With your industrial workforce being our only focus, we can bring your company higher performance, less turnover, faster fill times, and higher quality employees. Just check out some of our success stories.