Our services lower critical employment costs, and improve performance through efficiencies brought about from a single point of contact for your staffing needs.

Our OneVOP™ staffing strategy is completely customized to your facility needs and offers flexibility to meet the growing demands of future change. We discover your specific problems and needs, then develop a customized staffing program to solve them.

We provide a full-time onsite service team to manage your account at your facility, including workforce coordinators, line leads, safety and training coordinators, in addition to human resources support. We either work from your facility or set up a local office to support your needs, or at times use a combination of both strategies. Our national recruiting center supports the local office for recruiting and back-office support for payroll, Worker's Compensation, accounting, and other critical business functions.

You get a thorough solution that meets your unique needs and maximizes your return on investment. Our workforce management and VOP services are comprised of many valuable services.

  • Performance benchmarking and monitoring
  • Custom employee safety training and client
  • Injury management
  • Custom-designed and client-specific
    employee database, recruiting, and workforce
    management systems
  • Management of multiple vendors
  • Consolidated reporting, invoicing, and time
  • On-location employee(s) to manage the contingent
    workforce, including recruiting, interviewing,
    hiring, and training
  • Electronic time and attendance system, real-time
    employee tracking, job costing, and management
  • Needs analysis - workload vs. workforce needs
    and workforce forecasting
  • Position analysis
  • Business process modeling