Workforce Retention Strategy

FACT: Over 75% of our employees would choose us over another agency. Why? Because they feel their needs are more important to Focus and that they are part of a dedicated team.

Retention does not happen by accident. It is something that requires a diligent strategy. To ensure the lowest turnover rate and high employee loyalty, Focus develops a "Workforce Retention Strategy" for each client.

First and foremost, a correct workforce retention strategy begins by hiring the RIGHT person for the RIGHT job at the RIGHT time. This is paramount to a successful workforce retention strategy. Furthermore, in addition to the measures listed below, proper training, orientation and employee interaction are keys to the success of integrating successful employees into a team and a major part of our workforce retention programs.

Our Workforce Retention Strategy includes measures such as:

  • Recognition programs
  • Including employees in daily or weekly kick-off meetings
  • High value contests and giveaways (TV’s, IPods, cell
    phones, etc.)
  • Morale boosters
  • Pay raises
  • Career path and advancement opportunities
  • Training and certifications
  • Onsite leadership and communication with our employees
  • Attendance bonuses
  • Follow-up training
  • Inclusion and diversity training


Data Reporting and Performance Monitoring

Focus measures all points of key workforce value drivers. Measuring workforce value drivers allows Focus to set benchmarks and improve performance. KPI’s and SLA’s can be geared around these value drivers. Correct and quick data capture allow for improved workforce planning and forecasting, as well as efficient performance monitoring.

Some of the data captured and measured include:

  • Turnover statistics including tenure and reasons
    for turnover
  • Cost and usage
  • Employee rosters and counts--daily, by shift,
    week, month, and quarter
  • Employee performance monitoring
  • SSN validity check
  • EEO and diversity monitoring and reporting
  • Labor usage
  • Turnover rates
  • Fill ratios (% of jobs filled on time) by shift, day, week,
    quarter, and department
  • Original order requirements, order changes and
    fulfillment of requests
  • Attendance rates



Focus utilizes the absolute newest and most cutting edge technology in the industry. Our systems have been designed and developed by Focus according to the unique demands of large VOP staffing accounts. We know that each account has unique needs and our systems are designed to be customized at the client level.

  • Customer specific recruiting database created for each client account
  • Data tracking--attendance, performance, training, assignment history, work history, etc.
  • Time keeping system--web-based time and attendance
  • Integrated payroll and timekeeping system allows for accurate and efficient processing
  • Online job application portal allows for 24/7 recruiting
  • Worker's Compensation and unemployment claims tracking and management of the process to close claims more quickly
  • Real-time data and reporting is accessible at anytime
  • Online access to client information--spend, invoices, usage, turnover, new hires, etc.