Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

Our Standard Operating Procedures are what truly set us apart. Our top managers have spent 25 years honing and developing the skills and know-how that high-volume staffing accounts require.

However, our experience has also taught us that each account has unique needs when it comes to high-volume staffing. So we have developed SOP’s that we follow to ensure success, while customizing the SOP’s at the client level and with client input.

We develop client-specific SOP’s for every account and measure the adherence to the SOP’s. SOP’s are adjusted as clients needs require or as needed to improve performance.

Specific SOP’s are created for:

  • Recruiting, interviewing, and skills testing
  • Employee orientation and new-hire onboarding process
  • Training
  • Onsite manager, lead, and coordinator daily, weekly, and quarterly SOP’s
  • Safety standards including safety audits
  • Employee tracking, attendance, and rosters
  • General policies

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

One of the many challenges large employers and large users of staffing face is maintaining control of the legal and regulatory compliance of various staffing agencies. This is especially true in difficult recruiting environments, such as in areas that are remote, have low pay rates, low unemployment rates, challenging jobs, etc. The primary objective for most agencies is filling job order requests, sometimes at the cost of not following the law.

Focus follows the law and goes to great lengths to ensure regulatory compliance.

  • I-9’s--expiration dates are captured by our database and we are alerted when renewals are required
  • Social Security Numbers--we use Department of Homeland Security and SSA databases to ensure SSNs are legitimate
  • Drug screening and background checks
  • EEO compliance and training with all employees and onsite management
  • Diversity and inclusion policies and training
  • Anti-harassment training
  • OSHA logs
  • Safety audits and compliance
  • Onsite service team is trained and audited to ensure compliance is being internally followed