Safety and Injury Management

Safety and reward programs are provided to employees to ensure pro-active loss prevention. WorkWise™ Employee Safety and Attendance Program is our formal employee safety training and rewards program, based upon the combination of two nationally acclaimed safety programs from SafeStart and Dupont’s STOP program.

Our safety training and certification program includes some of the following components:

  • Injury/accident prevention methods will be specifically designed for your company focusing on common workplace injuries.
  • All forklift and powered industrial truck operators will be OSHA certified by a National Safety Council trained instructor.
  • Workplace policies and forms will be covered with candidates, including safety policy, general policy overview, training, and injury procedures.
  • Safety videos and tests are completed.

Additionally, our onsite management leader and workforce coordinators complete daily safety, LOTO, and/or GMP audits according to the Standard Operating Procedures set up for each account. Each shift manager and onsite leader is further audited to ensure they follow SOP’s for your account.

Employee Screening, Testing, and Training

Focus Industrial provides a systematic offering of testing, screening, orientation, and training processes aimed at improving your industrial workforce, while containing short-term and long-term costs.

  • Forklift certifications
  • GMP, HIPPA, Blood Borne Pathogen training
  • PPE, LOTO, and safety training and/or certification
  • 24-hour service with direct phone numbers to
    onsite staff members
  • SSN validity check
  • MVR check
  • Pre-employment company tours
  • Employee check-in
  • All screening, testing, and training is client-specific
  • Comprehensive interview
  • Injury management
  • Drug screen
  • Criminal or other background check
  • Worker’s Compensation background check
  • Work history verification
  • Complete employee/client orientation
  • Skills testing