Smooth Transition™ Process

Our program services are implemented in a professional and methodical order, minimizing any interruption to your business. We have created a seven-stage transition process to ensure we discover all necessary needs with a methodical structure. Every step of the process is centered around your business needs.

Vendor Transition Timeline

Depending upon complexity, client requirements, number of temporary employees, and the number of existing agencies involved, the total transition time can take anywhere from two to ten weeks. Typically client requests and requirements will contribute to the amount of time needed to transition to Focus. Each client has unique needs, although we are prepared to move as quickly as needed.

Stages for a Smooth transition™

Our transition process is broken down into into seven distinct stages. Depending upon how quickly a client needs us, we can accomplish these stages simultaneously or spread them out over several weeks.

    Stage 1: Feasibility study

    Stage 2: Solutions, proposal, recruiting, and market analysis

    Stage 3: Customer meetings and tour
  • Human Resources
  • Accounting/Finance
  • Safety
  • Floor Supervisors and Managers
  • Stage 4: Contract and program benchmarking review – KPIs and SLAs are reviewed and expectations are set

    Stage 5: Staffing and business process modeling, and SOP development

    Stage 6: Implementation of onsite management and workforce coordinator teams

    Stage 7: Transition
  • Existing employee evaluations
  • Employee transition
  • Data transition
  • Supplier/vendor transition